List all your Azure Resources

Ok, I know that for most of you out there this article might not be necessary, since I know  for sure (ha, ha) that system administrators always document their on-premise or Azure deployments very accurate :-).

If you are not one of them, or if you look for an easy way to cross-check weather or not your documentation is up-to-date, this article might help you. It comes down to the question: How do you build an Excel sheet of all your Azure resources in a simple way?

The good news is: There is a great PowerShell module for this by Douglas Finke , it’s called „ImportExcel“ and you can find it on the Powershell Gallery. All you need to do is enter this line in an elevated PowerShell session:

Install-Module -Name ImportExcel

Build your list

We only need one cmdlet, Export-Excel. I can only recommend to have a look at all the other cmdlets the module provides, it’s absolutely worth it!

Get-AzResource |Export-Excel -Path c:\temp\ralftest.xlsx -WorksheetName "resources" -AutoSize -BoldTopRow

Note: I’m using the new „-Az“-format, see here. If you didn’t update your Azure module so far, you can use the Get-AzureRmResource, or (preferrably) update the module.

You’ll get an Excel file with all your resources, line by line. Take your time to play around with the other options the cmdlet provides, like -Title.


Depending on your number of resources this can take some time. Of course feel free to filter your output before piping it to the cmdlet, like for tags:

Get-AzResource -TagName "purpose" -TagValue "test" | Export-Excel ...

or for a specific resource group:

Get-AzResource -ResourceGroupName rg-docker01 | Export-Excel ...

or for whatever you want, like regions:

Get-AzResource | ? {$_.Location -eq "northeurope"} | Export-Excel ...

You can of course also filter the attributes you want to show up in your sheet:

Get-AzResource | select Name,Location | Export-Excel ...

BTW: Make sure you use a new name for each Excel file, the cmdlet acts a little bit strange when writing to an already existing file.

Nice? Definitely!

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